Food Truck Schedule for December  2019

3rd- Raspa Fil-Mex 6pm
4th- Kings Sausage 6pm
5th- Kraken Cafe 6pm
6th- Mama Napoli 6pm
7th- Smiley Pies 6pm
10th- Bubus Mexican 6pm
11th- Alpha Dawgs 6pm
12th- Kraken Cafe 6pm
13th- Mama Napoli 6pm
14th- Raspa Fil- Mex 6pm
17th- Rolling Fusion 6pm
18th- Bubus Mexican 6pm
19th- Kraken Cafe 6pm
20th- Mama Napoli 6pm
21st- Smiley Pies 6pm
24th- Closing 6pm
25th- CLOSED
26th- Kraken Cafe 6pm
27th- Mama Napoli 6pm
28th- Alpha Dawgs 6pm

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