Food Truck Schedule December 2021

5pm-9pm Service Times*

Number Item Time
1st Rolling Fusion Tacos 5pm
2nd Graze 5pm
3rd Smiley Pies 5pm
4th Private Event 4:30pm
5th Raspa Fil-Mex 1pm
6th The Torta Chaser 5pm
7th Bubus Mexican 6pm
8th Alpha Dawg 5pm
9th Rolling Fusion Tacos 5pm
10th Izzys Pizza Bus 5pm
11th Smiley Pies 5pm
12th Raspa Fil-Mex 5pm
13th Sandwich Brothers 5pm
14th Smiley Pies 5pm
15th G.B.D. Street food 5pm
16th Kolobok Russianr 5pm
17th Smash Cow 5pm
18th The Torta Chaser 5pm
19th The Torta Chaser 5pm
20th G.B.D. Street Food 5pm
21th Izzys Pizza Bus 5pm
22th Bubus Mexican 6pm
23th Tio Chuy’s Tacos 5pm
24th Closing 5pm
25th Closed for Holiday
26th G.B.D. Street Food 1pm
27th Sandwich Brothers 5pm
28th G.B.D. Street Food 5pm
29th Kolobok Russian 5pm
30th Alpha Dawg 5pm
31th Closing 6pm