American Craft Beer Week

By: Steve

May 24, 2016

American Craft Beer Week at Tenaya Creek Brewery showcased the love and spirit that the seven-day event is meant to engender. We took our core and seasonal recipes off the line and brought a different taste experience for each profile of beer drinker. How did it all go?

Monday Kӧlsch w/ Grapples

Bringing grapples to the Kӧlsch party kicked off the week of dedication to the craft that is beer. Crisp, light and refreshing. Adding the hybrid fruit brought a delicate sweetness with a hint of grape at the end. Like a sweet white wine without what the wine drinker would call a “lush” finish. No viscous mouth feel, but pallet cleansing, preparing one for another sip.

Tuesday 2014 Old Jackalope w/ Woodford Reserve Soaked Oak Spirals

Old Jackalope still kicks even with this age on it. Some of that hops bitterness has mellowed as it has matured over time. We let it sit on Woodford Reserve soaked spirals of oak that bring toffee, caramel, chocolate and spice notes along with it. It was the first to blow, harkening back to it’s popularity with you.

Local Vegas legend Mike Gaddy (@TheGaddrow) had this to say.

“Yummmmy. Bourbon is super subtle, but coming through as it warms.”

Listen to this man.

Wednesday Chris Brown (Bonanza Brown Ale w/ Coffee & Cocoa Nibs)

The english style brown ale we call Bonanza Brown has shown itself to be a chameleon of style. With added roasted coconut it has a tropical “drink me on a sunny beach” feel.  With Mothership Coffee and Cocoa nibs it took on a stronger profile that wants for sipping next to a morning campfire. Espresso nose with a sweet bakers chocolate finish, it begs to be drank with real Vanilla Bean ice cream.


Long time regular and local craft scene enthusiast Armando (@blackmetaljesus) had this to say.

“Perhaps the best beer to come out of Vegas… (Chris Brown – Bonanza Brown w/ Coffee & Cocoa Nibs)”

Thursday God Of Thunder w/ Raisinettes & Toasted Pecans

With a mighty hammer from Valhalla, we crushed the chocolate covered raisins and toasted pecans like Thor smiting the unbeliever. The second beer to kick for our big week. Praise Odin.

Friday Local 702 w/ Peaches & Habaneros

Jeff (@elHandleThis), the mind behind many of these creations had this to say about our Local 702 variant.

“Local 702-pale ale w/peaches & habanero. A very nice balance of SWEET and HEAT”

Pizza from Mama Napoli paired up with this beer like star-crossed artisan lovers…

Saturday Hop Ride IPA w/ Grapefruit Peels

The citrus and pine characteristics of the hops procured for building Hop Ride (Cascade, Amarillo, Summit) got a little bump in fruity gloriousness. Brewmaster Tom Hardwood stopped in from his Triple 7 brewery at Main Street Station duties and sat down for a pint and had this to share.

“Yep, hop ride w/grapefruit peel…It’s the perfect enhancement for it :)”

Thanks Tom. We hope you make more of that Infusions Series – Kula Kope (Coffee Bean Infused High Roller Gold Ale). Gold!

Sunday Raspberry Shandy (Hefeweizen w/ Lemonade & Raspberry)

Summer keeps making a stutter step this year of 2016. You almost want it to be 105 when you drink the Shandy with an oppressive sun beating down overhead. The author of this first had the Tenaya Creek Shandy at the Blues & Brews festival at the Springs Preserve. A thirst quencher on a long hot day, the raspberry has a sweet tartness that completely compliments American style wheat beer. Finishing the week strong with a light brew perfect for the Las Vegas sunshine seemed only right.

With our increased capacity in the new digs, it is exciting and an honor to be able to bring such a diverse variety of craft beer to your lips. Some of these new flavors might see their way to a regular rotation in the future. That’s something we could not say at the old place. Keep coming in and we will keep searching for the next great flavor combination that your palate doesn’t even know it wants yet.


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Steve officially joined our team recently but he has been a part of Tenaya Creek for many years. After growing up in Alaska, Steve found his way to the desert and the doors of Tenaya Creek Brewery. He soon put his skills on the mic to use and started the Wednesday night pub quiz, which has been a weekly staple here at the brewery. With a passion for beer and entertaining, Steve is in charge of communicating all things Tenaya through social media, so tweet at him with your big ideas for how we can keep the beer culture growing here in the desert. We are excited to see what the future brings and we know Steve will help make it exciting.