Steve officially joined our team recently but he has been a part of Tenaya Creek for many years. After growing up in Alaska, Steve found his way to the desert and the doors of Tenaya Creek Brewery. He soon put his skills on the mic to use and started the Wednesday night pub quiz, which has been a weekly staple here at the brewery. With a passion for beer and entertaining, Steve is in charge of communicating all things Tenaya through social media, so tweet at him with your big ideas for how we can keep the beer culture growing here in the desert. We are excited to see what the future brings and we know Steve will help make it exciting.

5 Questions with Anthony

We check in with Brewmaster Anthony to get his thoughts on how life goes in the new place. A hint at what’s to come gets dropped but you’re definitely still never going to…


Tasting it all

Tasting it all Tasting beer is simple enough right? You make your selection, your bartender chooses the proper glassware, pours a perfect fill with just the right amount of head on it. You reach for the glass and perhaps a sheen of condensation has begun to form on the sides that feels both damp and …

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American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week at Tenaya Creek Brewery showcased the love and spirit that the seven-day event is meant to engender. We took our core and seasonal recipes off the line and brought a different taste experience for each profile of beer drinker. How did it all go? Monday Kӧlsch w/ Grapples Bringing grapples to …

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The Kӧlsch

We certainly associate the spring and summer time with lighter, thirst-quenching beers. Dark and malty warms the stomach in the winter, so we tend to look for light and refreshing when the temperatures rise. The Kӧlsch style originates from Germany in a city called Cologne (pronounced koln) going back to the year 874 A.D. By …

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Pub Quiz

A Pub Quiz The Tenaya Creek Pub quiz has been running since the summer of 2013. Born out of a conversation between bartender Mia and regular TJ, how I became involved is attributed to sheer chance: I was sitting near by. Initially my ears perked up at the quiz idea because I knew I had …

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Growlers on Sunday

The history of the growler is an interesting one. You could make variousconnections over history from prohibition to the space program and it allstarts with a little metal pail. In the pre-prohibition era the beerindustry was fighting against itself. Women were commonly not allowed insaloons or bars, as any alcohol consumption was seen as a …

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New Era at Tenaya Creek

It is an all new era at Tenaya Creek Brewery here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thecompany has seen many stages in its evolution since the 1999 opening;however, the core mission remains the same: create quality craft beer wewould want to drink. Transitioning out of the tight fit of the much loved‘old building’ into the expansive …

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Beer and food

Beer and food. A simple idea that holds so many combinations. Long has the sommelier been held as the authority of wine and food, but even they will admit the shortcomings or limitations of vino. One aspect of beer, in particular, that surpasses wine is the effervescence of the carbonation on the tongue, which can …

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